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Add subtitle textSo now here is the scoop!!!
Our team is EXPANDING and we are looking for other women who are MOTIVATED, DRIVEN and NATURAL GO GETTERS.  I want to help you reach your fullest potential!!
So I am going to be offering an EXCLUSIVE Informational Opportunity for you to hear what coaching is all about Monday, March 28- Wednesday, March 30th.
This opportunity will be in a private, online Facebook group where only the members of the group can see what is being posted.  I will be sharing in the group a series of 5-6 short videos on how to get started, how to find people to join you, how to launch your business, how you actually make money and then on Wednesday night we will go LIVE with an informational webinar where you can ask questions, get answers and get down and dirty with everything that you want to know about the business.  If you are going to join my team, I want to make sure you are comfortable and confident with the support and the guidance that I will offer you as your coach!!!
Then, if you are interested in moving forward I will walk you through the sign up process.
I will be launching my new coach training on Monday April 4th.  
I will be accepting a small number of new coaches that are really 100% committed to building a business and going ALL in to make it happen!


-Launch your business
-How to share and not sell
-How to use social media to grow your area of influence
-How to start your first challenge group which we will start together so you don’t have to do it alone
-I will help you set realistic and achievable goals for your business
-We will have a weekly small group call and 1:1 mentoring and support as needed.
You will not have to re-invent the wheel.  You will have access to all of my trainings, guides, team calls, recording, scripts and more.
If so, don’t delay!  Now is the time!!!
Complete the application below to be considered for a spot on Team Ignite the Fire and be mentored by me personally.

“One Who Has Health Has Hope, and One Who Has Hope Has Everything”

It has been nearly 6 weeks since I hurt my back.  Like, HURT my back to where every move I made was difficult, uncomfortable, painful.  I was taking painkillers and muscle relaxers to just function minimally to take care of my kids and house.  I saw a chiropractor multiple times and got a referral to see a back doctor who told me there was no indication of any major issue;  most likely a strain that would heal on its own within 4-8 wks..  This really pissed me off because I didn’t believe him.  I felt he was brushing it off.  I just KNEW it was something more.  There was no way I could be experiencing that amount of pain and limited mobility and NOT have really done some damage.

Welp, it’s been 5 and 1/2 weeks and I’m at about 80%.  Yesterday I met a friend at the park and when she asked me how my back was doing, I was almost taken aback to realize that I was actually doing OK.  I was able to sprint after Max when he decided he wanted to play in the forest instead of the playground.  I could lunge to knock the bottle cap out of his hand while it was on its way to his mouth.  I could take him in and out of the stroller with no pain.

On the way home, I RAN. Yep, about 1/2 mile. Not earth shattering, but it felt incredible. My heart was pumping, I was breathing heavily and breaking a sweat. You guys, this is a biggie because it’s the first time in nearly 6 weeks that I have moved my body like that. I didn’t want to push it, but it felt ok, so I kept going. It just made me think how blessed someone is to have an able body. We sooooo take it for granted until we lose it. My favorite inspirational health quote (it is even on my business cards!) is: “One who has health has hope and one who has hope has everything.” How true is that?!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.19.29 PM

You just don’t realize until you’ve been knocked out by the flu or broken a bone or hurt yourself and been out of commission, how AWESOME it is to have your health back. Hurting myself like that was truly terrifying. I thought to myself, if I’m this fragile at 40, what the heck is my body going to be doing when I’m 50, 60, 70 years old? I really saw myself with a cane, a walker, a wheelchair. My perspective has changed dramatically as a result.

Our workouts should be about doing something great for our body that is going to enable us to run after our kids at the park, to unload groceries from the car, to play at a waterpark, to throw a frisbee on the beach. <<< THIS is quality of life. Exercise will keep us young, agile, able, and injury free so that we can CONTINUE to do these things as we age. The only images I have of my grandparents are elderly, sick, grandpa in a wheelchair with one leg amputated due to complications from diabetes, grandma smoking until her dying day. But, I also know 70 and 80 year olds who are vibrant and spry. THAT is who I want to be. My workouts are taking on a whole new meaning. It is no longer about ‘HOW MANY CALORIES DID I BURN?!?!?’ or “How many reps did I do?” It will be about moving and breathing and strengthening and stretching and nurturing my body for that 30 minutes. It will be about just DOING it, so that I can continue to do it daily.
I hope that you all have this perspective about your fitness journey. The weight loss and firm muscles will come as a result, but let’s shift our perspective to one of ‘lifelong health and vitality’, shall we?

Painkillers, Antidepressants and Vodka Tonics…In that order

That was my daily reality just 2 years ago.  I’m getting raw and more vulnerable than I want to, but I KNOW there are others who are where I was that can hopefully benefit from this.
Last week I hurt my back and ended up with a pinched nerve.  I’ve been taking a painkiller just to bring the pain down from a 9 to a functional 5.  I really didn’t want to have to use them.  Taking these painkillers for the past couple days really got me thinking about where my life was back then.  And looking back, I didn’t think much of it at the time.  It was just how I functioned.  Now, don’t get me wrong;  I wasn’t a closet junkie or alcoholic.  Just a stressed out mom with debilitating back pain who liked to have a drink or two (sometimes 3) at night to relax.  I went to work, I fed my kids, I paid the bills, I did the minimum to get by.  I was a ‘mombie’.  On autopilot.  Stagnant.  I was medicated.  To feel better.
In Dec. 2012, a funny thing happened.  I got pregnant with Max, baby #4, and had to quit all that, COLD TURKEY.  The thought and smell of coffee made me sick, too, so here I was, withdrawing from caffeine, alcohol, painkillers and antidepressants all at once.  Recipe for disaster, right?
Well, guess what…
I was on cloud 9.
Besides the typical first trimester lethargy and fatigue, it was as if pregnancy cured all my issues.  My back pain all but disappeared.  I wasn’t waking up in a fog from having drank the night before.  I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones or my giddy anticipation of new life inside me, but my outlook on life was definitely looking up.
At 8 months pregnant, I found myself sitting on the couch, looking eye to eye with my husband, having a serious conversation about finances.  With baby #4 on the way, I knew I wasn’t going to be returning to work at our studio in the same capacity (if at all).  I had to do something to replace that income.  It was then that I decided I would add ‘Beachbody Coach’ to my resume.  I had built my career in the fitness industry over the past 15 year and wasn’t ready to let that go.  This was a way that I could hold onto my passion and continue to work from home, on my own terms.
Being a coach meant that I would get started on a fitness program right away post-partum.  I would have to stay accountable to my own fitness and nutrition in order to be the best possible role model to my clients.
It meant that I would receive a discount on all my favorite products and programs.
It meant that I could qualify to receive cool prizes and trips.

None of that stuff turned out to be the biggest part of what being a coach has meant to my life.

When I started coaching at 8 months pregnant, I had no idea how the trajectory of my life would change.  I thought I might make a little money and help a few people.
You see, I’ve had 4 babies, and I’ve had 4 bouts of postpartum depression.  I have no reason to believe that my pregnancy with Max would’ve been any different.
I think I’m lazy by nature.  Really.  I don’t like (or didn’t like) structure, rules, discipline.
But I loved the idea of being my own boss.  Calling the shots.  Determining my own future.  So I went for it.
I sit here today, 18 months later, giving full credit to Beachbody as a company and my team, Team Rockstar Fit with changing my life.  That’s right—changing my life.  I don’t say that lightly.  If you’ve had kids, you understand how lonely those first few weeks and months after childbirth can be.  We live in our pajamas, covered in spit up, sleep deprived, no recollection of our last shower, carrying the pregnancy weight, isolated from the outside world;  and if you have other kids, you’re trying to keep them alive, too!  I so very easily could’ve slipped back into my depression.  Instead, the weeks and months after Max was born, I fully immersed myself in the culture of Beachbody, jumped 100% into the trainings, mentorship, masterminds, and leadership available to me.
One of Beachbody’s ‘3 Vital Behaviors’ is personal development.  It is instilled in us that by becoming better people ourselves, we are better able to help others.  And helping others is the name of the game in this business!  I picked up a book that for once in my life wasn’t to escape from my reality, but to embrace it, improve it and better myself and future.  I latched onto people who have so much more education, knowledge, and experience than me who wanted to teach me everything they knew.  People who had paid big bucks to attend workshops, conventions and belong to mastermind groups just to bring that knowledge back to us.  I made hundreds of new friends across the country;  moms just like me who were working to stay home with their kids, who wanted to help lessen the financial burden on their husbands.  I enrolled in FREE trainings worth tens of thousands of dollars that my mentors designed to not just help coaches grow their Beachbody business, but design a LIFE they loved.  Lessons in leadership, time management, self discipline, failing, courage, shutting the door on the past.   Not ONE lesson in SALES or closing a deal.  I’ve learned more about love and acceptance and compassion and service, and all of that happens to translate into growing a thriving business. My newsfeed is now filled with positivity, support, encouragement and excitement about life.  I am my own boss, but never alone.
But most importantly, I have learned that it all starts with ME.  My outlook.  My philosophy.  I’ll relate it to a gardening metaphor (since I’m researching growing my first garden this spring).  If you start with crummy soil, you will have a heck of a time producing anything worthwhile.  But when you cultivate and fertilize your soil, you will reap a lush, bountiful harvest.   By growing and investing in myself, I am better equipped to help so many others.
As a result, financially we have been beyond blessed.  My income alone pays our mortgage, car payment, utilities, groceries, and surprise trips for the kids (like Great Wolf Lodge earlier this month) 🙂  It’s crazy to me to that this is possible by just doing what I love to do a few hours a day around my kids’ schedule.
If you are looking for something…a change, a new direction, a new purpose in life;  if you love fitness and want to inspire and influence others, reach out to me.  You don’t have to become pregnant to change the trajectory of your life!  Consider joining my team.  This is about so much more than a fitness program.  Being in the best shape of my life (both physically and emotionally) just happens to be a side effect of making the decision to become a coach.  I know, without a doubt that your life can be blessed just as mine has.  And I want to show you the way as your mentor.
(For more information about the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity, fill out this short form and I will get back with you right away!)

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?!

It’s time to address ‘undereating’.

I am constantly hearing from people who need help because they are stuck at a weight loss plateau.  Here’s what I have learned in my 15+ years in this business: for the most part, we are confused, lost, misguided about how to lose weight. Eat this, don’t eat that, cut this, don’t eat this time of day, don’t mix this food group with that, etc…

The ‘diet’ industry is a multi-BILLION dollar/year industry that offers so many plans/programs/schemes to lose weight. How the heck are we supposed to know what to follow?  What I have witnessed over the years when someone is stuck at a plateau, is that they are not eating consistently and not eating enough food in a typical day. I wholeheartedly believe that NO ONE should be eating less than 1400 calories/day.

I know that some of you are eating under 1000 calories/day!

That is a starvation diet. I know, I know…we are busy moms. I am, too! I totally GET IT. I have those days, too! When you barely manage to get a cup of coffee in while fixing the kids’ breakfast. Lunch consists of the scraps of fruit and crusts of bread the kids didn’t eat because you don’t want it to go to waste. Which leads to a starving mama by dinnertime who is eating everything in sight while prepping dinner that once she finally sits down with her plate, she’s actually eating her second serving! I know this because I live it. It takes a conscious effort to plan my meals, then plan my grocery list around that. It takes washing, chopping, storing fruits/veggies so that they’re ready when you need them.

Here’s a quick picture of what happens when we under eat:

I like to think about it like a houseplant. When our plant is watered daily, it flourishes. It is healthy. It is a beautiful color and grows quickly. When we water it daily, it ‘drinks’ the water and then rest leaks out the bottom. It is satiated. What if we go on vacation and neglect that plant for a week? What happens when we come home? It’s wilted, brown, near death. We ‘feed’ it (water) and it takes what seems like, a full pitcher before it is ‘full’. It is STORING that food. It is soaking it all in and holding onto it because it was completely dried out. Think of your body in this way. When we are malnourished and then begin to eat regularly again, our bodies will hold on for dear life to what we give it, not knowing when it will get its next meal. In time, our metabolism regulates and understands that there will be a steady stream of sustenance coming in, giving permission, or allowing our body to ‘release’ the excess (in this case, being FAT). Without enough food, our body can’t even perform its basic functions. Now that you are adding exercise into the equation, how can we begin to expect our body to cooperate and release the weight when we are barely giving it enough calories to perform the basic daily activities (move, breath, blink, swallow???). I know this sounds crazy and counterintuitive…”Why can’t I just eat less and lose weight?”

Here’s what I’ve seen over the years:

Most people don’t eat breakfast. They get to work and give in to donuts/muffins/vending machine junk, thinking they’ve ‘earned’ it by saving calories on skipping breakfast. Lunch is either skipped or consists of fast food. Nothing else is eaten all day until dinnertime (6, 7, 8pm), at which point, you are famished and eat double portions of everything.

People then wonder why, when this doesn’t seem like a lot of food, they are gaining/not losing weight.

The biggest lesson I’ve found that my challengers benefit from is learning ‘HOW’ to eat. By this, I mean balancing carbs/fat/protein, regulating portion sizes, training yourself to eat at regular intervals, recognizing hunger cues. So much of this is NOT about ‘what’ to eat. Don’t get me wrong; that is a huge factor as well.

Here’s what I recommend:

Tip #1) Keep a food log. Write down every B.L.T. (Bite, Lick and Taste) that passes your lips, including liquids. Write down the time of day you are eating each meal/snack and your hunger level on a scale of 1-10. I would also encourage you to note your mood (mad, depressed, bored, etc…)

#2) Have healthy food in your fridge/pantry. Washed and chopped fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, tuna packets, nuts, dried fruit.

#3) Make sure each meal includes complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean protein.

#4) Set a timer on your phone, if you have to, to eat every 2-4 hours.

#5) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

#6) Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days/week

#7) Get 7-8 QUALITY hours of restorative sleep each night.


If you are needing more help, please reach out to me. My 21-Day Fix groups offer incredible weight-loss results (average of 8-10 lbs. in 3 weeks). The color-coded, portion control containers show you exactly what to eat and how much to eat each day. It completely takes the guesswork out of it. Here’s a quick video to show you what it’s about.

Please let me know how I can help.


Celebrate MOM!

Being a mom is the best ‘job’ in the world.   It is the most time-consuming, thankless, exhausting role, yet the most rewarding, hands down.  We love our little people so much that we often put our own needs on the back burner.  We pay ourselves the ‘leftovers’, which usually isn’t much.

Our kids need and deserve so much more from us.  It all starts with taking care of mama.  You know what they say, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.   When we are taking care of ourselves, we are at our best for them.

What makes us feel good mentally, physically, emotionally?  Exercise and healthy eating!  Getting adequate sleep and drinking lots of water.   Taking time to nurture ourselves for a little while everyday.

My mama network has been a lifesaver for me through the years as I navigate motherhood with each new baby.   You are my support, my encouragement, my comic relief.

This Mother’s Day, I want to give back to you in the best way I know how and that is to help you become the best version of YOU!

For the first time ever, I am joining forces with the mama coaches on my team to create a FREE 5-Day Focus exclusively for MOMS!

Here’s what you get:

·      5-day clean meal plan

·      Grocery shopping list

·      SIMPLE and QUICK dinner ideas

·      Daily ‘EXPRESS’ exercise homework (20 minutes or less)

·      Private Facebook accountability and support group where you will be surrounded by MOMS who are also working on becoming the best they can be!

·      A team of MAMA coaches working together to help you succeed!

We just want to gift this to you and help you get that jump start you may be needing.  There is absolutely NO cost to join.  Spread the word to your mama friends and let’s get fit together!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS Sunday, May 11th by 11:59PM!

Please register at

I am so excited for this and know you will love this JUMP START to CELEBRATE YOU, MOM!!!