I’m risking unpopularity with this, but I just have to go there.
I see this all the time and it just makes me sad.  I work with so many clients who are having trouble taking care of themselves because work gets in the way.  (Now, first off, I have to give props to them for taking the most important first step, which is reaching out for help).
When I hear that they skipped breakfast to run out the door so as not to be late for work, they didn’t eat lunch until 3pm because they were so busy at work that they forgot, they went through the drive through for a quick dinner because they didn’t get out of work until 8pm…here’s what I see:
I see a person working their A$$ off for the man.  Making someone else’s dreams come true while your own health declines by the day so that he may advance his business.  I see you building someone else’s future at the expense of your own.  Maybe you are working feverishly to hide from the fact that you aren’t taking care of yourself.  By drowning yourself in your work, you can avoid making the decision to take action, to clean up your diet, to start a workout program.
It makes me want to scream!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve been there, done that.  I understand that it’s your job, your income, your livelihood.  That NOT following through on your job description could get you fired.  << Do you see the irony with that??   That in a moment’s notice, you are replaceable.  Left with yourself, your body, your health that you neglected for way to long in order to ‘do your job’.  Is your boss going to care about you then?  You are forgotten the moment you walk out the door.  Don’t let that moment be what forces you to face the harsh reality of what is ahead of you.
My only point is this:  the time is NOW.  There IS no perfect time.  If you plan on working for someone else for the rest of your life, you simply have to make the time each day to take care of your needs.  If you’re lucky to work for a great company that values your health, you might have free or discounted access to a gym.  You might get an extended lunch break for a quick workout and a healthy lunch.  But, if not, you MUST take control. Nobody is going to do it for you.  Because, in the end, what you are doing is SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE for his. Plain and simple.
Stick it to the man!

Stick it to the man!


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