Weekend Slip Up?


Weekend Slip Up?

Weekend Slip Up?

You have a great week of nutrition and workouts under your belt and go into the weekend with the best of intentions to stay on track.

Then, someone sets a fresh hot pizza (or pasta, or cheesecake, or lemon drop…You get the idea!) in front of you and all bets are off. You slip up and have a few bites. Or a whole serving.
Then you’re surprised that you didn’t lose weight, or even worse, GAINED weight Monday morning.

“It was only one meal!” you tell yourself.

My friends, this weight loss stuff is hard.

To lose ONE POUND of fat, we need to create a 3500 calorie deficit.
If we break it down to the real numbers, it would look something like this:
Let’s say you get in five 50 minute workouts during the week at 500 calorie burn each time. This is a 2500 calorie deficit. You’d still have to create a 1000 calorie deficit with your food in order to see that 1 lb. loss.
If your workout is 30 minutes, chances are you’re burning about 300 calories (a 1500 calorie weekly deficit). You’d still have to reduce your food calories by 2000 this week to see a loss.

Now, let’s say you indulge a little bit with ‘just one piece of pizza’ (775 cal for ONE PIECE of Costco combo pizza) or one margarita (680 calories in a 12 ounce!). Yikes! This small, seemingly insignificant slip up in the grand scheme of your week could wreak havoc on your results. That’s 2 workouts WASTED. (Not really wasted in terms of the cardiovascular benefit or muscle building, but in terms of calories)

Does this help clear up this picture?
That Saturday morning latte and scone can negate a large portion of your workouts.
This is NOT to say you must live your life on a rigid ‘diet’.
However, if your goal is weight loss, you really must look at every bit of food and drink you’re consuming, evaluate the intensity of your workouts and decide if your goals are worth it.
I have seen people achieve amazing, incredible results in by DECIDING that it was worth it to commit to the hard work. You can do it! Make the decision and stick with the plan.


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