What I Look For in a Water Bottle

Crazy blog topic, right? But seriously, it’s a BIG deal to me! It’s super important to drink plenty of water all day, so my water bottle is my constant companion. So much so that my kids are always asking me for water because they know I have my bottle nearby.

This weekend, I met up with my local team of coaches for a goal setting workshop. We were chatting and it seemed there was a lot of interest in this particular water bottle, so I thought I’d write about it!

I have high standards for my water bottles. My new favorite is by Contigo (which my semi Spanish speaking husband tells me means ‘with you’. Makes total sense because it is ALWAYS with me!). I found it in a 3-pack of pretty colors at Costco.

Here’s why I love it:

– it has a wide mouth (to prevent the ‘sucking’ wrinkles)
– it’s a simple push-button, flip open lid that locks in place so it doesn’t come back to whack you on the nose when you tip it
– its circumference is small enough to fit in standard cup holders
– it is short enough to refill in my bathroom sink when I’m upstairs
– I don’t have to remove the lid to fill it from my refrigerator dispenser (but the lid does come completely off for washing purposes)
– and….the coolest feature I just discovered…it has a flip top ring attached to the lid that I can pop open when I want to hook it around my finger. You know, when I’m carrying 8 different things, including a wiggly baby. This comes in VERY handy.

The ONLY drawback is that it only holds 20 ounces, which means I need to refill it 4-5 times to hit my daily water goal. Otherwise, it’s great!

The Costco 3-pack was around $15 and came in pink, yellow and teal.




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