’21-Day FIX’ starts April 14th!

FINAL CALL–Registration closes Friday, March 21st (or once group is full) for April’s “21-Day FIX”.
Space is limited.  Just 4 spots remain!

Here’s what challengers are saying after just one week:

“Got on the scale this a.m. Down 4lbs! Tomorrow starts wk 2. Looking forward to it!”- Cinnamon

“I’ve lost 3.5 lbs (in 1 week). That shocked me. My body doesn’t lose weight easily.” –Trish

“21-Day FIX is amazing! I’m down 5 pounds. YAY! There’s nothing better than to put in the work and see fabulous results.” – Laura S

“IT WORKS! I am so happy. Down 3.5 lbs and 2″ on my waist and sore all over. I’m amazed that the ’21-Day FIX’ actually works for me, given that so many other attempts haven’t been successful. I think it’s due to those cute little containers and Shakeology and a fun support group. I love 21-Day Fix!”- Julie

“I love it, as well, and highly recommend this program!! It has already helped me bust past a very long standing plateau. The nutrition plan is easy to follow and the best part is, you learn a lot, the workouts are intense, but fun and you get results. You won’t regret it! Plus, you get to meet other great people that have the same goal in mind, to get healthier and lose weight! And, Shelly ROCKS as a coach!- Heather

30-minute workouts combined with a simple eating plan with color-coded, portion control containers that show you exactly how much of each food group you can eat per meal.

.green purple red

Based on your weight, we determine how many of each container you can eat per day.

Here’s a quick video on the program:  21-Day FIX

If you are:
-DISCIPLINED to stay the course for 21 days
-FOCUSED on your goals
-SERIOUS about dialing in your nutrition and exercise
-READY for a program that WORKS once and for all…
THIS IS FOR YOU and results are guaranteed!

Message me for an application and let’s do this!


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