Summertime and the juicing’s easy

Actually, juicing can be easy anytime of year.  It’s just that I prefer it when I can get fresh, local produce at the farmer’s market.  Juicing is an amazing way to get an abundance of vitamins and nutrients in a quick, delicious drink.

There are so many juice concoctions available, you could truly drink a different juice everyday for years.  Hillsboro Saturday MarketIMG_8077

Hillsboro Saturday Market

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a documentary on Netflix titled, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” that convinced me to try a juice fast.  I was so intrigued by the stories in the movie that I did a ton of research into juice fasting and dove into it full steam ahead.  It was a fabulous 5-day experience that left me feeling more energetic, healthier and lighter than I have felt in years.  One of my favorite websites I found while researching is:  It answered so many of my questions both before and during my fast.

When I think of ‘detox’, ‘cleanse’ or ‘fast’,  I think of ridding my body of waste, cleansing from the inside out, feeling less weighed down.  It seemed to me that after ‘cleansing’, I could start with a fresh slate.  Who couldn’t use a fresh start every once in a while?  And I’ll tell you what, I felt AMAZING coming off this fast.  So much so, that I was actually afraid to re-introduce solid food back into my life.  You never really know how certain foods affect you until you go without them for a while and then add them back in.

After Baby G. is born and breastfeeding is well established, I will plan on doing another juice fast.  I encourage you to join me!  It’s so much easier when you have a support system.

IMG_8086I just love bringing home a huge bundle of fresh produce from the farmer’s market.  It makes me feel so good to support our local farmers and to feed my family with the freshest produce I can give them.

IMG_8088 IMG_8089


Gavin is my little juicing buddy.  He loves to feed the produce through the shute.  I’ve found that when he helps out, he will willingly drink any type of juice!  Greens, beets, carrots…you name it.


Looks like rainbow sherbet!





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