Mom’s Summer Fitness

First week of summer break and my kids are already driving me crazy.  There.  I said it.  They can’t get dressed in the same room without finding something to argue about.  My strategy is to completely wear them out every day so that by evening they are docile, submissive BFF’s.

And luckily for me, in the process I will get at least some activity in.

Are you finding it harder to get your personal workout time in now that the kids are home all day?  Fear not.  You may need to change it up a bit, but you can definitely still stay on track.

We are so lucky here in Hillsboro to have so many resources available to us to.  Many of them free or very low cost.  Check with your local parks and recreation department to get tons of ideas.

One of our favorite neighborhood summertime activities is The Outpost at Shute Park.  We can play soccer, badminton or handball.  They have hula hoops, trampolines, frisbees, bubbles and soooo many other fun things- for FREE!  Yesterday we rode our bikes over there for an extra boost.

There’s free bowling everyday all summer long at bowling alleys across the country with Kids Bowl Free.

Water play!  Swimming pools, water balloon/gun fights, running through splash pads, etc…  Good for the heart AND soul.

How about a good old-fashioned dance party in the living room?  Here are a few of our favorite booty-shakin’ summertime jams:

Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke

Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore

The Sound of Sunshine- Michael Franti and Spearhead

Scream and Shout-

Feel This Moment- Pitbull/Christina Aguilera


We’d love to hear about your fun summertime ideas.



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