Monday Motivation

Monday morning 6am:  You awaken eager to begin the new week with your fresh jolt of enthusiasm and focus fueled by an over-indulgent weekend. You’ve got your meal plan and grocery list ready. You’ve cleaned out all the tempting leftovers.  You’ve planned your workout schedule for the week.  As disgusted as you are with yourself, you know there’s no way you will even be tempted to cheat this week.
Monday afternoon 2pm:  You’re starving, cranky and exhausted.  Instead of drinking the healthy shake or eating that meticulously planned, balanced snack you packed, you inhale a cupcake (cookie, bag of chips, crackers, all of the above).  Feeling like a failure, you may as well continue your ‘cheat day’ and get back on track tomorrow.
Have I just described you?
How did I know?
I have heard this story a bajillion times.
Every Monday is the same. Sometimes you make it to Tuesday (or even Wednesday) before you fall off the wagon.
Why does this happen?  How can we avoid it?
Now, believe me when I say I am not a mean person at heart. What I am is honest. And in my profession, history has shown me that the clients that I am most honest with (read: blunt, harsh, truthful) typically achieve the greatest results.  Some come to me internally motivated, with a strong desire to succeed, 100% ready to go.  Some need a little more nudging.  The problem is, my encouragement can only go so far.  I firmly believe one must have a burning, personal reason for wanting to reach their goal before any substantial progress can be made. Those who have been fed up, pissed off, humiliated, or hurt the most by their current situation are the ones who are most successful.
So…today I ask you, what is your ‘WHY’?  There HAS to be one. Not just, ‘None of my clothes fit me anymore.’  Or, ‘I just need to lose 20 lbs. for my high school reunion.’  It is never just that.  Those are external motivators that will never keep you on track for long. It goes much deeper. And if you have any chance at staying consistent with your program, you have to uncover it. You don’t have to tell me what it is, but you need to get honest with yourself. It never hurts to have an accountability partner, though. Once it’s out there, you will be more likely to follow through.
Just for fun, here’s a little more external motivation for you:
Leave me a comment with your email address if you’d like me to forward you some homework. It’s time to uncover your personal internal motivation and forge ahead once and for all.


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